It's no secret most of us love vintage rugs these days.  In 1994 I visited the middle east and that's where my personal love affair began. Oh the souks and markets!  The colors and textures! I am a tactile person (hello Taurus) and have always had a crush on the gypsy/eastern aesthetic, so I decorated my 1930's East Nashville cottage by layering these rugs like an ancient quilt on my floor bed.  But I didn't begin my quest of selling them until 2013 after a chance meeting with a 4th generation Turkish importer. I get great deals and damn if I am going to be a vendor that overprices these pieces.  We should all be able to have affordable, organic, beautiful rugs to walk upon in our homes. Long story short, Lotus Eye Interiors morphed out of this love for vintage rugs, and my part-time interior decorating gig started to take off along with it.  

 We all have our addictions.


I want to find that perfect piece of art for your floor.  A statement piece you will have for a lifetime.  A non toxic flooring option.  If it's not in stock no worries, I will search through my importer's collections and find you the perfect rug.  I want you to be "floored" with your purchase. ;) Full service interior decorating consultation and services also available.