Knotty Knotty

Ok, so I’m a knotty girl.

Some designers may disagree with me, but I think real knotty pine wood paneling is gorgeous. Sometimes you just gotta go with it. When we first moved into our 1930’s cottage I didn’t know how I felt about the 1950’s add-on wood panelled den. Should we paint it white? I’ve stewed on that thought FOR YEARS. I mean, white painted panelling is the go-to these days it seems. But I've never been a trend follower.  And I’m so glad after 18 years of living here that I didn’t paint it. This real knotty Pine wood is not only extinct, but it adds a warmth and candle-like glow like no paint ever could. Plus, I get to live in a “half cabin”. Hell yeah!
So I say “save the wood!” (and I'm not talking the cheap fake wood panelling... eww gross).
Ok that’s my design two cents for the day! Oh and do you like my new thrifted dining set? 💯

pardon the iPhone photo!  Doing a real photo shoot soon yay. 

pardon the iPhone photo!  Doing a real photo shoot soon yay. 

More is More.

I’ve always bitten off more than I can chew. And for the longest time I screwed myself over because I had this idea that I should only do one thing and do it well. Being a musician all my life actually gave me excuses to “not try this” “not commit to that” because, dammit, I’ve gotta be a musician!  Maybe that’s why I don’t just play one instrument? I’ve gotta play them all because, omg those drums! That accordion! I want to feel that too! I notice it in my life aesthetic too... more is more. Why one ring when you can jewel up that empty hand? 💫Well, forward to my more *ehem* mature years, I’ve realized my nature is to let my creative mind flow into fruition without holding back, in whatever direction it needs. Not focused at all! But when I realized my personal kind of focus is that of the messy kind, things DID start to flow and tidy up. Repression doesn’t work folks. Take your passions by the reigns and don’t let anyone tell you any different. You are not a mold. You are the substance that flows out and around society’s mold that has no walls. Be authentically you!  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of trusting your journey and where you are being led. Don’t worry about the final destination just put one foot in front of the other and trust. ✨

With that long winded thought... I am unveiling one of my other passions fully to the globe today! While most of you know I’m a rug dealer/designer on the side, I have finally made it “official” with this website. I will host my in-stock vintage rugs, vintage suzanis and other beautiful textiles that are flowing out of the closets in my home. :) Yes, this musician, holistic healer, dancer, cook, designer can also be an entrepreneur. And I’m ok with being all over the place.  Maybe one day I’ll find the time to create another Insta page! Until then... much love and respect and thank you for listening. My soul is dancing. My spirit is dancing. I am dancing. 🖤🖤🖤